Just 2 years ago the Ferrari CEO said 'You'd have to shoot me first' when he was asked if they had plans to launch an SUV...and here we are now and Ferrari are planning to debut their first ever sports utility vehicle next year!

We remember the shock around the time that Porsche decided to release their Cayenne to the world, a sports car brand releasing a 4x4 to compete with the likes of Range Rover and Mercedes, who has heard of such a thing! Now just a few years later, and pretty much every brand has an SUV, even Jaguar now offers 2 flavours with the wildly popular F-Pace and E-Pace; so it only makes sense that the ultra-luxury/prestige brands would take notice and want to get involved.

Within this last year we have seen new 4x4s from Bentley, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce, so it really got us thinking, who is next? We already know that Ferrari and Aston Martin both have plans to bring their takes on a luxury SUV to market in 2019, but are we going to see a Pagani 4x4? Perhaps a Koenigsegg to whisk the kids to and from school in record time? Maybe a world record setting Bugatti Chiron on stilts! Ok probably not, but we really can't see see this trend ending anytime soon!

So who are you hoping to see produce an UltraLuxury SUV next?