It looks like the world is turning electric, with more. ad more manufacturers competing with Tesla to get the next best all electric car we thought it was time to have a look at what cars are coming over the next few years and choose our favourite 3! So here are our most anticipated EVs in no particular order:

Tesla Roadster - Expected 2020

It has been just over a year since Tesla surprised the world by announcing their new Roadster at an event that was focussed on the electric truck, Everyone knows the specs of this thing by now, but just in case:

  • $250,000 for the 'Launch Edition'
  • 0-60 - 1.9s
  • 0-100 - 4.8s
  • 1/4 mile - 8.9s
  • 620 mile total range

Now Tesla have always got a bad rep because Elon Musk is known to set...ambitious production goals, however Tesla have made all of their performance targets (and in most cases they have actually beaten them) so 2020 is questionable - but the speed of this thing we don't doubt for a second! We cannot wait to see these things on the road, and with Tesla already teasing tech from SpaceX as options (even talking about short flight?!) this could be the car sci-fi promised us!

Porsche Taycan - Expected 2019

The Pour-Sha Tie-Con (we are taking Porsche's pronunciation there!) is a lot more down to earth than the Tesla, but it still promises to liven up the EV world. Porsche famously said that they were not benchmarking this car against the Tesla, but they had nothing to say when a fleet of 3 Taycan was seen testing with 3 Teslas, never the less this is sure to be a car that stands on its own 2 (4?) feet!

  • ~£60,000 - but this is sure to be for the base spec version
  • 0-60 - 3.9s, crucially Porsche say this is repeatable
  • 155mph top speed
  • 300+ mile range
  • 15 minute 0-80% charging time, half the time that Tesla offer!

Porsche came out fighting with the Taycan, taking aim particularly at certain aspects of the Model S, especially with the 'repeatable 0-60' time claim (Tesla manages Ludicrous acceleration, but only at 100% charge.) Also the incredibly fast charging is something to marvel at, and Porsche say that will only get better!

A lot of 'petrol-heads' who have been searching for a true successor to their daily driver, but don't like Tesla will love the Taycan, the car seems to be a drivers car at heart, just very very modernised!

Audi E-Tron GT - Expected 2020?

The E-Tron isn't even out yet, and Audi are already teasing their second in their all electric line-up. Audi are promising that when this car hits showrooms, it will be their new 'hero' car, taking over from the R8 (until the E-R8 comes later!) but details are scarce on this car. Audi are keen to distance the car from its Taycan cousin evends saying: “Our customers don’t like what Porsche does and Porsche customers don’t like what we do."

As we said details are scarce, save from the fact Audi have promised that this car will be a pure GT, focussed on comfort for long distance driving and cruising, but with the power to have some fun when it allows. This car could be the first true competitor to the Model S, as the Taycan is more sport focussed, and every other manufacturer seems to be forgoing the luxury saloon segment in favour of big electric SUVs or small electric city run-about's, but will it have come to late?

So those are our top 3 favourite upcoming EVs - what are yours? Are any of these enough to convince you to ditch your petrol engine?