As we get closer to the Paris Motor Show we are getting more sneak peaks of the shows highlights, and this year is shaping up to be a fantastic show. 2018 is the year that the car industry really modernised, with a lot of EVs as well as some massive refinements in in-car technology. There is no more fantastic example than the new BMW 3 Series which comes with voice activated windows and seats!

Our biggest excitement is coming from Peugeot though, who have just announce their new E-Legend concept, a reimagining of the classic 504 Coupe from the 60s - whether we will ever see the car, or anything like it on the road remains too be seen! The car is set to be fully autonomous, and when you go into self-drive mode the car opts for a soundbar and screen in place of a steering wheel. With a range of 240 miles plus, it certainly competes with the best available EVs now, but as we said it remains to be seen if the car will ever see the road!

We already know most stats about the Mercedes EQ C, but the press release was met with a resounding 'so?' from the general public - Mercedes have made some interesting design decisions with their EV offering. Firstly having a range over only 200 miles means it doesn't compete with any of the current offerings, and although the public have spoken, and universally said they don't necessarily want crazy styled EVs, the EQ C goes to the other extreme with the designers opting to keep a fake grill, and have no 'frunk.' On top of that they still have a 'transmission' tunnel in the middle of the car, whereas most EVs use the flat floor to their advantage. It will be interesting to see if Mercedes address any of these concerns at the show!

We think the belle of the ball will be the new Supra - we already know most details from the launch of the Z4 (the cars share most parts) Toyotas version will have a hard top, as well as sports seats and much stiffer suspension, so this could be the perfect upgrade for any GT-86 customers!

So those are our thoughts, what are you most excited for with the Paris Motor Show?