The Paris Motor show isn't always the first that people think of, but actually the 2018 Mondial de l'Auto is labelled as the world's biggest car show by visitor numbers, and manufacturers tend to notice those sort of things. There are too many things to mention specifically, but here are our top 3 highlights that we are expecting this year.

Suzuki Jimny

The Jimny may not have the same kind of pedigree as Jeep or Land Rover, but it has a similar fanbase to that of the Mazda MX-5 in that people know it is not the best car out there, but it performs way above it's price point. The Jimny looks to continue that tradition, with many publications calling it 'a mini Mercedes G-Wagen' - high praise indeed! With off-road capabilities rivalling the imposing Land Cruiser, and classic styling we can't wait to see some of these out on the road!

Mercedes EQ C

The Mercedes EQ C is the latest 'Tesla Killer' to hit the car shows. Set to compete with the Tesla Model X, the Mercedes design team took a leaf out of Tesla's book and decided to make their first EV look like a 'normal' car. The links with the GLC are obvious. Mercedes designers have chosen not to give the brand’s first purpose-built EV a new look that flaunts its zero-emission credentials, but rather to match its design closely to the rest of Mercedes' SUV line-up. A 0-62mph time of less than five seconds is predicted, meaning the EQ C will almost certainly be as quick as the GLC 43. Conversely, when driven in a less sporting manner, the car is expected to have a range of more than 310 miles on a single charge — this would align the model with the Audi E-Tron and Jaguar I-Pace. In comparison the Model X can get up to 351 miles on one charge.

All-New BMW 3 Series

BMW calls the 3 series their most important model, and the 2019 version won't want to buck that trend. As cars and technology get more intertwined we would expect a huge update to the technology on the 3 series, with everything else just standard updates/facelifts - however manufacturers do like to squeeze in surprises at these kind of events, and with all that BMW have learned from the i3/i8 as well as there partnership with Toyota, could we see a radical change for the newest 3 series?

So those are our 3 top picks for this years show, what are you most excited/hopeful to see?