Monterey Car Week is a celebration of all things car, traditionally focussed on classic cars, there are normally a couple of new releases to enjoy. The week long event is actually split into separate events throughout the last week of August, all taking place around Monterey California. The most popular event is Pebble Beach, but LeMons and the Quail are other noteworthy events.

We are going to focus on Pebble Beach, and specifically the new releases that are expected to be there. All of the big names normally make an appearance at the show, but there are definitely 3 cars that stand out to us!

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Every Aventador is great, but the SVJ is 'the greatest Aventador yet' and with the current production car record around the Nürburgring we don't think they are exaggerating. This new Aventador has received a complete aerodynamic overhaul with the aim of improving already amazing performance. Additions such as the deeper front wing, wider side skirts and the motorsport-style single centre nuts on the wheels on the SVJ model mean that Lamborghini really mean business now!

Bugatti Divo

When you have a car as exclusive as the Chiron, you know the special edition really is going to be something special. Details of what will make the Divo thrilling are sparse, though the company said it will be launching a completely new design language and reviving the traditional coachwork “in house” design as opposed to relying on an outside firm. The car will be “light and nimble, and will boast enormous downforce and g-forces,” Bugatti said. So if you are bored of driving your Chiron then maybe it is time to pick up a Divo for the weekend?

Audi PB18 e-tron

Audi are showing off a completely new car this year, set to fit above the R8 in the line-up. Audi have taken the knowledge they have learned from their R18 LeMans car and put it into this all electric concept. Details are incredible sparse on the newest Audi, but we can expect performance rivalling the supercar greats, as well as the Audi design language we have come to love!