Jaguar's brand new I-Pace isn't even in the hands of consumers yet, and already the SVR department want to get their hands on it! They think that after they have had a play with it, the I-Pace SVR could even beat the upcoming Tesla Roadster!

Ever since Tesla made the outlandish claims that the Tesla Roadster could do the 0-60 sprint in as little as 1.9 seconds, automakers have either been laughing it off as impossible, or in Jaguars case taking up the gauntlet to try and beat it!

For now a Jaguar I-Pace SVR model is only 'under evaluation', so who knows if a (claimed) 1.6s I-Pace is coming, and we are sure if it does ever see the light of day it will be both expensive, and limited production, but it is an exciting time we live in!