Made famous by the royal wedding earlier in the year, Jaguar has decided to put its 'new' E-Type Zero into production. With a fully electric range of 170 miles, and a 0-60 of 5.5 seconds it's certainly no slouch!

Now, because of updated crash safety rules, as well as massive changes in aerodynamics, Jaguar is not allowed to produce new E-Types, instead they are going to have to rely on donors (either buying rusting old E-Types and remanufacturing them, or converting customers cars) so don't get excited thinking you will be able to pop out and buy a brand new E-Type - especially because the price is set to be north of £300k!!!

The Jaguar Land Rover classic team have done a fantastic job of keeping the car as original as possible, even going as far as to use the original fuel filler cap as the charge port cover, with just the necessary changes such as LED headlights, and a slightly adjusted fascia.

So what do you think of sacrificing classic E-Types to convert them?