Tesla clearly shook up the tech industry when they launched the first proper mass market electric car 10 years ago, and it has taken that long for other manufactures to reply, but now they are responding, and they are responding hard!

With the likes of Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Jaguar all adding electric cars to their line-up, anyone looking to buy an EV is suddenly going to have a lot more choice. However with falling sales overall, Jaguar are reportedly considering making the move to fully electric quicker than some rivals.

The XJ is due for a refresh in 2019/2020, the XE/XF in 2023 and the F-Type not much later, so it is easy to see how easy it could be for Jaguar to electrify their fleet, especially taking into consideration that they said all models would have an EV/Hybrid option by 2020.

Is it enough to save the brand though? The I-Pace is proving incredibly popular, but how will it stand up once the E-Tron and the EQC are out - only time will tell, either way it is going to be an exciting few years in the automotive world!